Cádiz Cozy Homes
No matter whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway by the sea, or need a base for your business trip, Cádiz is the perfect choice. The beautiful city located on the southwest coast of Spain, it is known for its sandy beaches, crystal-clear water, and lovely Mediterranean atmosphere. So if you are a joy, and want to live a unique and unforgettable experience, join us.
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Quality apartment and personal service
Featuring holiday homes in beautiful and convenient locations, and come equipped with all amenities you could ask for. From kitchens to spacious living areas and private bedrooms, you will have everything need to make the most of your vacation!
Whether for a short-term rental or a longer-term stay, we offers holiday homes to suit your needs. And with dedicated staff on hand to take care of all the little details, you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that everything is being taken care of.

Enjoy unique experience

Getaway (2 days/ 2 nights)

Includes accommodation + 2 activities with horses (approx. 3 hours each activity; schedules to be agreed) + 1 meal.

Holidays (7 days/ 6 nights)

Enjoy the type of vacation you want: A tu Aire, Aventura, Polo Club or Create your Perfect Vacation; all of them with accommodation and activities included.